In Review: The Score “Unstoppable EP”


Listen to The Score’s new Unstoppable EP on a loop long enough, and you’ll start feeling as invincible as the title track. 

the score

Originally formed in NYC by Eddie Anthony and Edan Dover, The Score is now based in LA. The tone of Unstoppable EP shows their growth from their previous EPs, 2014’s self-titled release and their 2015 Republic Records debut Where Do You RunIt’s as if the duo challenged themselves to create relatable and inspiring anthems in the vein of “Radioactive” and “Counting Stars” and not fall into the “just another LA band” trap.

the score unstoppable ep

Here’s Unstoppable EP in review track-by-track:

  1. “Unstoppable” – The title track has a warrior feel that makes it the perfect theme song for those aspiring to be great. Lyrics like “keep that silver, give me that gold” are just what we need to hear to keep up our momentum post-Olympics. Even the NFL included the song in their Play Football SoundCloud playlist.
  2. “Money Run Low” – You know how people surround you when you’re doing well, but they go ghost when you hit a bump in the road? Sounds like The Score can relate.
  3. “The Heat” – Sexy from beginning to end with lyrics like, “I’m a desert, you’re an ocean. It’s your motion that I need. But without you I am broken, left to thirst out in the heat.” Excuse us while we get The Score a nice tall glass of cold water. They sound thirsty, in a good way.
  4. “Where You Are” – We could totally see a DJ giving this track the “I Took a Pill in Ibiza” remix treatment next year and making it an unexpected festival and Top 40 hit. (Republic Records, take our idea and run with it.)
  5. “Don’t Wanna Be” – This song is all about challenging the system and carving your own path. Totally #MotivationMonday-worthy.
  6. “Going Home” – There’s nothing like a solid EP with a strong closer. “In the end love is all we need.” Agreed, but we would also like more songs from The Score. Luckily, they announced they will be releasing new tracks starting in November. If those songs are anything like the ones on this EP, you know their upcoming debut album will be epic.

If you’re in New York this Wednesday, September 28th, The Score will be hitting the stage at The Studio at Webster Hall at 8:15 pm. Oh Honey will also be performing. In 2014 both duos were featured on Perez Hilton’s Pop Up! #5 compilation. Even though it’s still the beginning for them both, it’s nice to see how far they’ve come in just a few years. Clearly they’re unstoppable!

Now what makes you unstoppable? Let The Score know at

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