Catch A Vibe, Volume 2


New season. New vibes. Ease into Fall ’16 with our new SoundCloud playlist Catch a Vibe, Volume 2

grae new york catch a vibe volume 2

This seasonal soundtrack kicks off on an inspirational note thanks to The Score‘s #MotivationMonday-ready banger Unstoppable off their newly-released Unstoppable EP. (Check back tomorrow for our review.) We keep the adrenaline pumping with soulful and upbeat tracks from Jay Watts and Ricky Smith, and get sultry with artists like Mileo and Stanaj. Other featured artists include Neo Fresco and Holly with something to get your heart racing, Jersey’s own 070 squad with a track that seamlessly takes twists and turns, and Machine Gun Kelly with a freestyle that sounds better than some rappers’ official releases.


Though we’d rather not think about it since it’s still fairly warm out, winter is coming. Just ask Jon Snow. If you have a song that you think would be perfect for Catch a Vibe, Volume 3, tell our Resident Girl About Town:

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